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“Surf Sisters” is a 501(c)3 non-profit branch of the Ride Nature organization. With a focus on reaching out specifically to young woman, Surf Sisters is a woman led ministry that exists with the mission to impact lives through surf outreach, mentoring, and discipleship.
To discover how you can get involved or find a chapter near you click the GET INVOLVED link below. To learn more about Ride Nature and the work that is happening worldwide visit

Surf Sisters and Water Women meet on a regular basis in groups that are formed to build up and encourage one another. These groups are typically held on the beach or near the water and each time we gather together, we open and close in prayer and go through a short Bible study with a time for questions and prayer requests. Through these devotions shared by a Surf Sister leader our goal is to fellowship as a group and learn more about the Lord, His word, and grow spiritually together. There is always time spent in the water surfing together and we offer free surf lessons for any beginners that would like to join.


Throughout the rest of the year we plan other outreach events such as sleepovers, jewelry making parties, concerts, dinners, and movies as a group. We also believe in partnering together with other ministries and we are proud to work with other local non-profits and ministries to help with outreach events and volunteer in the community. We are proud to partner with ministries like Surfers for Autism and the Special Olympics. Make sure to check out our list of Surf Sisters chapters, visit their facebook pages, and get involved in the work that they are doing. If you’re interested in starting a Surf Sister’s chapter or becoming a chapter leader please email us today or fill out the application online.

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