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“Surf Sisters” is a 501(c)3 non-profit branch of the Ride Nature organization. With a focus on reaching out specifically to young woman, Surf Sisters is a woman led ministry that exists with the mission to impact lives through surf outreach, mentoring, and discipleship.
To discover how you can get involved or find a chapter near you click the GET INVOLVED link below. To learn more about Ride Nature and the work that is happening worldwide visit

While our focus as a ministry is to reach out to Women worldwide through Surf Outreach and Biblical Discipleship, the “Water Women” side of the ministry represents those ladies who are leading those younger women underneath of them…”The Surf Sisters”. “Water Women” are the ladies who are slightly older, wiser, and matured in their faith. Those that have dealt with the pit falls of life and are pouring our Spirit lead wisdom through their knowledge and past experiences. We greatly encourage our leaders to develop a Godly group of “Water Women” in their communities. Women that you can get together and fellowship with, surf together, encourage, pray for, and lift one another up. As Christ sent out the disciples in teams of two, we greatly believe in the power of leadership working in numbers.


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